Tokeet and VRScheduler have recently integrated their software to provide a fully managed vacation rental software solution.

Tokeet & VRScheduler

LEAVENWORTH, WA – December 22, 2021 –  VRScheduler, the leader in vacation rental operations software, and Tokeet, a leading channel manager, have integrated their software to provide a fully managed vacation rental software solution.

Tokeet offers a suite of powerful tools for channel management, rental automation, owner management, and more, making it a perfect choice for vacation rental managers and owners who need total control.

Tokeet is on a mission to simplify vacation rental management. With the most powerful platform on the market and tools for every step of the guest experience, they help property owners and managers grow their short-term rental businesses.

“Tokeet is an excellent option for property managers to simplify their channel management while growing their bookings and revenue,” said Jill Mason, CEO of VRScheduler. “We are excited to be an integration partner with Tokeet.”

About VRScheduler

VRScheduler is a leading software platform for managing vacation rental staff and operations. The software is built around powerful rules to automate the scheduling of just about any task based on booking dates. Additional features include a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, employee dashboards, time tracking, payroll support, maintenance tracking, and more. VRScheduler provides operational efficiencies for thousands of properties worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Tokeet

Tokeet is a vacation rental management software that offers a complete, fully integrated, and best-in-class suite of products for all aspects of the short-term rental business. Their platform contains all the tools needed to grow from 1 to 1K rentals. They are the only full-stack platform on the market. Tokeet is the one-stop shop for vacation rental management software solutions.

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