May and June Updates


5/22 New Feature: Blended Pay Rates – Pay hourly, by set amount or by set number of hours. View Details

6/4 Property Info Folder: Added Door Code
6/15 Property Images: Sort is fixed.
6/18 Staff Dashboards: Text fields now expand while typing.
6/18 Staff Dashboards: Portuguese translations implemented.
6/18 New Feature: Added the ability to Add Standard Task while submitting an issue. View Details
6/22 Issues: Updated Filters, added “Show only Issues with Tasks assigned.”
6/22 Quick Reports –> Tasks Keyword filter is now working. Keyword searches: Property Name, Property Abbreviation, Region and Staff Name
6/22 Update: Staff with Booking Counts available on their dashboards can now see past and next booking counts.
6/24 New Feature: View Properties on a Map in Free Beta version. View Details
6/25 Task Rules: Setting to show Booking Tags on staff dashboards. Settings –> Task Rules, Edit, Staff Dashboard Settings section. Show Booking Tags on Staff Dashboards. If on, that booking’s imported tags will be displayed with tasks generated by the rule and associated with that booking.