Gebrüder Hartmann GmbH

Gebrüder Hartmann GmbH has chosen VRScheduler for their operations management software.

Gebrueder Hartmann GmbH & VRScheduler

Gebrüder Hartmann GmbH, a luxury resort property located in beautiful Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland, has selected VRScheduler to help manage the operations of their high-quality guest apartments. They used Smoobu to integrate the VRScheduler software for a fully automated system. Philip and Joel Hartmann, owners of Gebrüder Hartmann, were particularly attracted to VRScheduler’s Drag and Drop Scheduling Calendar.

The Hartmann Brothers grew up in Matten near Interlaken and always enjoyed the area. In 2015 they decided to offer high-quality guest apartments to visitors who also enjoy the region. They are in the service of their guests and their well-being. They do everything they can to make sure their guests have the best possible stay in Interlaken.

Philip Hartmann noted, “VRScheduler helps us every day by making the scheduling for our company so much easier.”

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