Rentals United

Rentals United and VRScheduler have recently integrated their software to provide a fully managed vacation rental software solution.

Rentals United & VRScheduler

LEAVENWORTH, WA – December 1, 2021 – VRScheduler, the leader in vacation rental operations software, and Rentals United, a leading channel manager for holiday rentals, are now working together to help property owners and managers work smarter.

Trusted by 60% of the world’s top property management companies, Rentals United empowers enterprise managers, PMS software partners, and OTAs to grow through efficient, reliable, and market-leading channel management and other innovations. The Rentals United network consists of advanced connections to the big OTAs, top-performing niche sites, and book direct websites to help businesses master marketing, gain competitive advantage, and optimize growth strategies.

Easy-to-use, constantly evolving, and powerful, the Rentals United platform handles tons of data every day connected to listing sites and technology providers worldwide.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Rentals United,” said Jill Mason, Founder and CEO of VRScheduler. “We strive to partner with top services to provide seamless operations and increased revenue. Integrating with Rentals United, a world-class travel distribution technology does just that.”

About VRScheduler

VRScheduler is a leading software platform for managing vacation rental staff and operations. The software is built around powerful rules to automate the scheduling of just about any task based on booking dates. Additional features include a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, employee dashboards, time tracking, payroll support, maintenance tracking, and more. VRScheduler provides operational efficiencies for thousands of properties worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Rentals United

Rentals United started in 2015 when the founders of competing vacation rental agencies got together to find an efficient solution to automatic inventory distribution. Their cloud-based technology is now trusted and accessed by vacation rental managers around the world as a compact solution for marketing, distribution, and operation management.

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