PriceLabs and VRScheduler are working together to help short-term rental property managers.

PriceLabs & VRScheduler

LEAVENWORTH, WA – December 3, 2021 – VRScheduler, the leader in vacation rental operations software, and PriceLabs, a revenue management solution for the vacation and short-term rental industry, have partnered to help short-term rental property managers work smarter.

PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing tool for AirBnb, VRBO, and other vacation rental property management systems. They combine human control with best-in-class algorithms, market data, and customizability to maximize revenue. This helps property managers increase revenues and save hours in the process.

PriceLabs system tracks vacation rental and hotel data from around the globe to identify trends in bookings, which are then used to generate unique prices for every day of the year based on what is happening locally. They let users set their own price level for each listing and customize trends to best fit their historic performance. Users can also automate complex pricing and dynamic minimum stay strategies which are then automatically uploaded to their Airbnb account, PMS, or channel manager on a daily basis.

“With so many shared customers already using both PriceLabs and VRScheduler it makes perfect sense to partner with them,” said Jill Mason, founder, and CEO of VRScheduler. “Their expertise around automating pricing rules specific to your business and region sets them apart in their market. These features fall right in line with VRScheduler’s mission to automate as much as possible to keep your costs low, increase your profits and increase reliability for your guests.”

About VRScheduler

VRScheduler is a leading software platform for managing vacation rental staff and operations. The software is built around powerful rules to automate the scheduling of just about any task based on booking dates. Additional features include a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, employee dashboards, time tracking, payroll support, maintenance tracking, and more. VRScheduler provides operational efficiencies for thousands of properties worldwide. For more information, please visit

About PriceLabs

Founded in 2014, PriceLabs has priced over 100,000 listings in 95+ countries globally. Their team has several years of experience in revenue management, travel distribution, technology, and analytics, and has put all that experience into making PriceLabs a leading revenue management solution for the vacation and short-term rental industry.

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