Gorge-ous Rentals

Gorge-ous Rentals has chosen VRScheduler for their operations management software.

Gorge-ous Rentals & VRScheduler

Gorge-ous Rentals, an Airbnb Superhost rental owner of seven properties located in Sunland, Washington, has chosen VRScheduler to help manage its cleaning and scheduling operations.

Gorge-ous Rentals are located in the picturesque Sunland area near the Columbia River in Grant County, Washington. The closest properties to the Gorge Amphitheatre concerts in a riverside community – Gorge-ous Rentals offers a sun, river fun, concert vacation solution.

After relying mainly on text messaging to keep track of cleaners, Karin Pfister, owner of Gorge-ous Rentals, was particularly impressed with VRScheduler’s Master Calendar.

“Finally my cleaners have a master calendar to refer to for their cleaning schedule!” she said. “I love the notifications that we all get to stay up to date with cleanings!”

If you’re planning a vacation in the Sunland, Washington area, be sure to check out Gorge-ous Rentals.

Visit Gorge-ous Rentals: https://www.airbnb.com/users/9062471/listings

Visit VRScheduler: https://www.VRScheduler.com