ZZZING has chosen VRScheduler for their operations management software.

ZZZING & VRScheduler

ZZZING in Malta, Europe has selected and implemented the VRScheduler software to help manage their operations. ZZZING vacation home rentals include spacious, bright sea views around Malta. 

ZZZING brings hotel-grade service to private accommodation, powered by software enabled concierge services straight from your phone. 

They are using Rentals United alongside VRScheduler’s strong master calendar, drag and drop scheduling calendar, and property statuses features.

“VRScheduler is very powerful and user friendly.” says Mark Sammut, of ZZZING. “It has reduced our cleaning scheduling time substantially.”

Visit ZZZING: http://www.zzzing.com
Learn more about VRScheduler: www.VRScheduler.com
Learn more about Rentals United: https://www.rentalsunited.com