Finishing Touch Rental Management

Finishing Touch Rental Management has chosen VRScheduler for their operations management software.

Finishing Touch Rental Management & VRScheduler

Finishing Touch Rental Management and Home Staging, a vacation rental management company located in beautiful Leavenworth, Washington, USA, has chosen VRScheduler to help manage its growing and busy operations.

Finishing Touch helps clients manage their vacation rentals in Leavenworth by providing booking and property management, home staging, professional cleaning, scheduling maintenance, and marketing and branding.  Finishing Touch clients can make money with less headache and enjoy their homes when they want to vacation. Their staff pays attention to every finishing touch detail.

After relying mainly on wall calendars and paper for organization, Finishing Touch found VRScheduler’s Drag and Drop Scheduling Calendar and Issues and Maintenance Tracking to be a far more efficient way to manage their day-to-day operations and keep the attention to detail that the company prides itself on.

“VRScheduler has given me hours of my life back!” noted Jamie Conley, Owner of Finishing Touch.

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