Top Vacation Rental Locations

Top Vacation Rental Locations
Image Photo by Toa Heftiba from Unsplash

Whether you are a guest or a host, there are some locations that are just perfectly situated for vacation rentals. Think about places that have all the major hallmarks for merry-making: lively, good weather, nice people, eclectic attractions and most of all- they are affordable.

Today, we are going to look at some of the top vacation rental locations for both renters and homeowners alike. These are places that can do both things: give you great returns as a vacation rental homeowner and offer you an amazing stay as a guest.

There are a few factors that should go into choosing the top vacation rental location for both parties. Here are some considerations that should come into play:

For Homeowners or Vacation Rental Buyers

  • The attractions that surround the place:you want to have a home in a location that inherently attracts visitors.
  • Something unique about the area:the thing about the best vacation rentals is that they don’t just depend on tourists for rental income. They take advantage of the locals as well. If you have a home that is situated in a location that attracts both parties, then you have a winner.
  • How much rent you can get:the whole idea here is to make money. You need to find a piece of property that can do that albeit with a little renovation, redecoration and a whole lot of marketing.
  • Picture-worthy:the house, the compound, and the general surroundings have to be photogenic. When listing on platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway or any other vacation rental marketplace, it’s the pictures that your guests are going to see first, and that is what will lead them to read the description and maybe even book a stay with you. If the pictures don’t sell the house, you will have a much harder time attracting visitors.
  • Favorable laws:there are some states and cities that have very unfavorable laws towards short-term vacation rental properties and businesses. You need to be very careful when choosing your location when it comes to the laws that govern your kind of business. Be sure that the laws are flexible enough to make the business viable yet stringent enough to protect your investment.

For Guests

  • Attractions, attractions, attractions:unless you are looking for somewhere to lay low with a ton of books and just shut the world out, you will need a place with excellent attractions. Thankfully, Airbnb has introduced the “Airbnb Experiences” whereby you can get a glimpse of the surrounding through the eyes of the local host. That should give you an idea of the kind of attractions that are in that location.
  • Affordability:the best thing about platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway is that they have millions of listings ranging from all manner of prices. You can find bargains, or you could go for luxurious; the choice is yours.
  • Flexible rules of stay:most platforms allow hosts to dictate the terms under which their guests will stay in their homes. As a guest, you do want a host that has reasonable rules that do not infringe on your rights to have a proper holiday.

With that in mind, here are some wonderful vacation rental locations within the country that you should try.

Top Vacation Rental Location Options

Bear in mind that each of these places has a series of listings that range in price. So,you can find pretty much everything that you are looking for in any one of them:

1. Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado
Photo by Chris Good from Pixabay

If you are an avid skier, then you will absolutely love Winter Park, Colorado. This is by far one of the best locations for vacation rentals for two main reasons: it gives you access to some of the best attractions in the region and provides you with more than affordable housing options.

In the heart of the ski season, finding accommodation in most of Colorado can be a nightmare. Not only are they ridiculously expensive, but they are often fully booked as well. The best thing about going for a VRBO or HomeAway vacation rentals in this area is that you can always find something.

2. Airbnb in Fort Lauderdale, FL

What better way to spend the holidays than lounging on the beach? Fort Lauderdale is one of the top attractions in the country for exactly that reason: it is beach-adjacent. There is, however, much more than just the ocean and the beach here. There are a host of other attractions that you can enjoy such as the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, the Easy Las Olas Boulevard shopping district for those who love shopping and Anne Kolb Nature Center where you can take the kids for some fun with nature and learning experiences.

3. VRBO in New Orleans

Who hasn’t heard of the wonderful nightlife in New Orleans? This is a city that simply refuses to be dimmed despite all the natural disasters that try to do so. Getting a VRBO in New Orleans will give you a chance to enjoy the city at an affordable rate. Explore the buzzing nightlife at French Quarter, enjoy Jazz at Bourbon Street and learn more about the local talents at Jackson Square.

4. Experience Nature in Savannah, Georgia

The coastal city of Savannah, Georgia, has everything anyone would wish for and more. Not only is it a coastal city which gives it incredible views and wonderful activities, but it also has a host of historic sites and nature trails that are simply outstanding. Try taking in nature at Forsyth Park or learn about how people lived in the 18th century at the Wormsloe Historic Site.

5. Get HomeAway Vacation Rentals in San Diego

1,200 acres of a multi-attraction park, a world-renowned Zoo, SeaWorld and a historic site featuring old warships, what more could you ask of a place? Add all that and good weather, amazing food, and a vibrant nightlife. San Diego is what a vacation would be if it were a place.

All these places have affordable vacation rentals that you can enjoy or buy and turn into a profitable business. All you have to do is go there and see for yourself.