Partnership Announcement: CheKin + VRScheduler

CheKin and VRScheduler have recently partnered to cross-promote services.

VRScheduler & CheKin

LEAVENWORTH, WA – September 12, 2020  VRScheduler, the leader in vacation rental staff scheduling and tracking software has partnered with Chekin to cross promote their services. Both software companies help vacation rental managers grow through automation, safety and trust.

CheKin is the best software solution for hosts to automate the guest identification and legal obligations of check-in process, allowing them to offer also the best experience possible to their customers. With an irrelevant monthly fee they are able to save a huge amount of time and costs that they can dedicate to other tasks important for their business.

“Our customers are very interested in what CheKin is offering, as they are always looking for ways to save on costs and time – while improving the guest experience.” says Jill Mason, founder of VRScheduler. “ChekIn gives time back to property managers – so they can focus on more important tasks.”

About VRScheduler

VRScheduler is a leading software platform for managing vacation rental staff and operations. The software is built around powerful rules to automate the scheduling of just about any task based on booking dates. Additional features include a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, employee dashboards, time tracking, payroll support, maintenance tracking and more. VRScheduler provides operational efficiencies for thousands of properties worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Chekin

Online CheKin tool:
Host can sit back and relax, his guests will register online before reaching the accommodation.

Be legally compliant:
He can forget the manual registration of guests’ data on authorities’ websites and manual completion of documents. CheKin can take over these tasks for him and store all the docs for the whole time required by law.

Self CheKin
CheKin automates guest identification and remote access to host accommodation by connecting with smart locks and key storage systems.
Already integrated with Omnitec, TTLock, KeyNest, Keyless, Nuki and more coming soon!

Our software is an all in solution to automate the whole check-in process. Our aim is to make hosts life easier and turn their guests way happier! We do allow hosts to save a huge amount of time and costs monthly. We do not only guarantee remote access to accommodations by being integrated with several smart locks providers but we also verify the guests identity online thanks to the biometric match technology and we do require them also to send their data that will be sent to Authorities, turning our hosts 100% legally compliant.

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