Partnership Announcement: Ascent Processing

Ascent Processing and VRScheduler have recently partnered to cross-promote services.

Ascent Processing & VRScheduler

LEAVENWORTH, WA – December 11, 2020 – VRScheduler and Ascent Processing, a leading provider of payment processing software for the vacation rental industry, have partnered to provide their shared customers with significant automation and accuracy, saving them hours of time and cutting costly mistakes.

Ascent Processing is your destination for payment solutions in the vacation rental industry to help clients and partners be more successful. With more than 20 years of experience and the best customer service in the industry, Ascent continues to bring new, innovative, and easy-to-implement payment solutions that allow merchants to keep more of their money.

“The entire Ascent Processing team is excited about our new partnership with VRScheduler,” said Ascent’s CEO, Paul Guccione. “We believe partnerships like this one, with VRScheduler, not only serve to strengthen both companies but allows us both to expose our client bases to new and exciting services and products. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with VRScheduler for many years to come.”

“Ascent processing has proven themselves to be the best for our niche for payment solutions. Their attention to customer service and the value of their technology makes us proud to refer our customers,” said Jill Mason, founder of VRScheduler.

About VRScheduler

VRScheduler is a leading software platform for managing vacation rental staff and operations. The software is built around powerful rules to automate the scheduling of just about any task based on booking dates. Additional features include a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar, employee dashboards, time tracking, payroll support, maintenance tracking, and more. VRScheduler provides operational efficiencies for thousands of properties worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Ascent Processing

ASCENT is a trusted partner and provides payment regulation expertise, modern and innovative technology, and programs, customized chargeback, and support services for the top reservation software providers and the leading property managers in the alternative lodging space. Ascent offers personalized solutions to fit the needs of each individual business and their needs. From transparent interchange processing programs to custom solutions like AscentPay for monthly financing options and AscentZeroCost for surcharging, they can help through integrations with top software providers or with individual virtual gateway services.

ASCENT is proud to offer this level of service and quality of products while remaining an independently-owned business. They are delighted to be beholden only to the clients and partners they serve.

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