Cliffs Edge Retreat

Cliffs Edge Retreat has chosen Operto Teams for its operations management software.

Cliffs Edge Retreat & Operto Teams

Located on the rugged cliffs of Newfoundland, Canada, Cliffs Edge Retreat, offers cliff houses, seaside cottages, and luxury suites with breathtaking views. The resort recently chose Operto Teams to help manage its operations. They found the Drag and Drop Scheduling Calendar, Issues and Maintenance Tracking, and Employee Time Tracking features to be an efficient way to streamline daily operations.

Cliffs Edge Retreat provides guests with an opportunity to experience rugged Newfoundland in luxury and comfort. Located just 45 minutes South of St. John’s on the famous Irish Loop, the retreat is situated directly in front of an ecological reserve. Guests can watch seabirds. puffins and humpback whales directly from their suite. The retreat offers breathtaking views of epic storms, rolling fog, and sunrises and sunsets that are only possible from the edge of the earth.

“Operto Teams has taken what used to be an impossibly arduous and time-consuming task of employee time tracking and scheduling and reduced it down to something we only have to glance at for a few moments a day,” noted Devin March, Co-Owner of Cliffs Edge Retreat.

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