Photo Shoot Prep for Vacation Rental Owners

    Professional tips & check-list to ensure your accommodation stands out.

    Photo Shoot Prep for Vacation Rental Owners

    Top Tips from the Professionals

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    How to prepare your property for maximum effect


    • Inspirational ideas to help you prepare for your shoot.
    • How to get the best results from your images.
    • How you can assist your photographer before arrival and on the day to get to most from your shoot.

    Your brief …

    • Ensure your photographer knows what makes your property special.
    • Is there a particular image you want captured?
    • Would you like to add dusk shots of your property to make it stand out?
    • Will you (or someone) be there to assist on the day?
    • What is your area known for?
    • What look are you going for? Chic and sophisticated or rustic and homely?

    Show Off Those Views

    Ensure any external feature doors can be open fully. Outdoor areas should be prepared and cleared in advance. Potential guests will love seeing those views. Help them to visualize themselves there and add to the value of your imagery.

    Keep it Cozy

    Make sure your fireplace or stove is clean, prepared and ready to light. Remember to top up your log basket too. Everyone loves the atmosphere a cozy fire creates. Set the scene with a few throws and blankets too. Then people can picture themselves curling up and getting all warm and snuggly after a day exploring the area.

    Make it Luxurious

    A few choice props can really make your property photos stand out. You want guests to fall in love with your place before they even book it. The aim is to add atmosphere and warmth. A breakfast tray or a bottle of wine and some glasses can work wonders to sell the idea of a magical stay.

    Iron Out All the Kinks

    Don’t settle for second best when it comes to preparing your property, Make those beds look amazing! A wrinkled duvet or flat pillows doesn’t make the best first impression. Invest in some quality linen to create a luxurious, sumptuous atmosphere that potential guests won’t be able to resist.

    Showcase Local Suppliers

    What food or drink do people associate with your area? Seafood? Cheese? A certain cake?

    Even a couple of items locally sourced can add real appeal to your property. If you have any great shops or suppliers in the area, include some of their items as props during your shoot. (You can also tag the local provider when you share these pics on social media to increase your reach).

    Be sure to capture any pet gifts you provide.

    Night-time is the Right Time

    If you’re looking for something extra special to showcase your property, then consider doing a dusk shoot. Showing off the warm, cozy atmosphere your vacation rental offers round the clock will really make it stand out. Create outdoor spaces scenes with some candles, light the firepit (if you have one) and show off the night sky.

    Keep it Simple

    The less clutter there is the more WOW your images will be. Getting ready for a photo shoot is a little different from preparing for your guests. Remove all unnecessary items like trash cans, cleaning products, etc. Your guests know they’re included as standard so the photos don’t need to show them. Adding a few accent props is fine (it avoids everything looking too cold and clinical). But be careful not to add too many or they can distract from the full effect of the images.

    Dress Exterior Spaces

    Treat your exterior spaces as if they were additional rooms on your property. With little effort and reuse of props, you can create beautiful shots that will highlight and sell the experience your property offers. Don’t forget to prepare everything outdoors. Including any hot tubs and pools.

    The Day Before The Shoot

    A handy check-list to make sure you’re all ready for your photographer. Remember, if
    you do the preparation, the photographer can spend more time capturing images.

    This Really is the Same Room

    With the advance of technology, it can be tempting to produce your own photos with images from your mobile phone. However, professionally captured and edited photos are a world apart as you can see below.

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