5 New Jobs Working for Airbnb Owners and Vacation Rental Management Companies

New Jobs Working for Airbnb Owners

What’s the point in working if you can’t take a vacation, right? With so many people vacationing around the world, short-term vacation rental properties are more abundant than ever. With great power comes great responsibility, but in the world of vacation rentals, with a great amount of rental properties comes a great need of work to be done.

It is estimated that Airbnb lists over 2 million vacation rental properties throughout the world. This is where new jobs for these rental properties come into play. If you have ever wondered how to work for Airbnb, now is the time to find out how.

While these are 5 of the new, most commonly found jobs working for Airbnb owners and vacation rental management companies, there are others that are growing on the horizon.

1. Cleaning & Repair Services

Cleaning & Repair Services
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All properties will need to be cleaned after the departure of the guests. To accommodate this demand, Airbnb will hire cleaning companies all across the world to perform these reoccurring tasks. Cleaning companies are the most abundantly used services among Airbnb properties.

These jobs are typically contracted through Airbnb or the rental management company. The presence of growing vacation rental homes has increased the need for these cleaning companies, making cleaning services one of the top 5 new jobs related to Airbnb and rental management companies.

Many short-term vacation rentals include hot tubs or swimming pools. While these amenities are desirable features among guests, they can also require both routine and emergency repairs. This means a repair company or serviceman will need to visit the property to perform these repairs, whether scheduled or emergent.

These amenities have increased the need for repair services and handymen throughout the world of Airbnb owners and short-term vacation rental management companies.

2. Property Inspector

The last thing a vacation home owner wants to do is find they are renting a home with liabilities. A home with liabilities makes you the at-fault party if a guest becomes injured at your property during their stay. Airbnb realizes this threat and has implemented the use of property inspectors.

A property inspector will be dispatched to the rental property to perform a thorough inspection of the property. This inspection will ensure that the vacation rental property meets current safety codes, living conditions, and fits the description of the property.

If your vacation rental is not compliant with current codes or standards, your rental may be denied until the necessary corrections are made.

3. Advertising and Marketing

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The digital online presence of Airbnb has contributed to Airbnb’s overall success. Advertising and marketing specialists have teamed up with Airbnb to promote properties and maximize search engine results. This has increased the need for advertising and marketing specialists for Airbnb.

This new job may be with Airbnb or the property management company itself, or it may be an independently contracted job. A specialist who understands how to maximize search results and optimize the large advertising platform will grow the company’s digital footprint, and companies like Airbnb understand that. This is why advertising and marketing jobs are on the rise for Airbnb and vacation rental management companies.

4. Property Management Software Development

Owners who choose to list their vacation rental property with various vacation rental companies may decide to manage their listing themselves. While the owner will use Airbnb to list their property, the owner will remain in control of the entire rental process from cradle to grave.

To better expedite this process, property management and vacation rental software has increased. Property management software allows users to control all aspects of the rental process; from calendar synchronization to accepting payments, all the way down to reviewing the guests’ stay at their property.

Because so many homeowners have begun listing their vacation home for short-term rental, various forms of property management software has been developed for the owners to choose from. You can choose property management software with features that are specific to the exact application you need.

5. Insurance Writer

Insurance Writer
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One of the last, yet most important, new jobs that have increased in the last few years is the amount of insurance writers who examine vacation rental properties and adjust policies accordingly.

A home that is going to be rented for vacation purposes will need to update insurance coverage accordingly. This may include a variety of updates or inclusions that need to be revised within the policy.

You may need to increase the amount of personal property that is covered within the home. You may have built a new swimming pool that now needs to be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Your policy may simply be outdated and need to be rewritten to reflect the current conditions or upgrades within the house.

Regardless of the reason, insurance writers have increased their presence among Airbnb and vacation rental management companies.

Honorable Mention

It is worth mentioning that existence of security companies and security guards has spread among Airbnb and vacation rental management companies. Some vacation rental properties may be located in the alotted community or development.

To make sure these properties are safe and secure, a security guard may be posted within the development to make sure there are no disruptions throughout the community.

Security alarm companies have also increased their presence among vacation rental properties. Alarm companies can team up with vacation rental companies like Airbnb or other rental management companies to offer discounted rates for their services to these properties. This makes security companies and security guards worth mentioning in the growing new jobs for short-term vacation rentals.


The growing presence of vacation rental management companies has increased the need for certain services. These are some of the 5 new jobs that can be among Airbnb and vacation rental companies, but there are more jobs that are on the rise.

With the increased growth and types of properties that are rented, the new jobs for Airbnb and vacation rental management companies can be endless.